"What do you do for a living?", the person next to me asked. I'm a graphic designer and print production specialist, I've been for a long time now. "I'm a UX Designer", she responded. She went on to explain that UX was an approach to designing a product with the user in mind. I found it fascinating. The field had complexity, research and continual learning principals at its core. My career path took a turn that night after attending a concert.
From that point on, I've been studying the craft of UX / UI design for the last few years now. I've immersed myself in learning about the practice. I've recently completed a certificate program in User Experience.
I'm intent on taking the skills I've acquired in the field of visual design to a whole new level. I want to do work that is interesting, challenging and makes an impact. I'm all about experiences in my life and work, and appreciate that things are ever evolving. I'm also passionate about photography, art, music, and travel.
I am located in Boise, Idaho.
Thank you!
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